Why Weight? April Weight Loss Challenge

Weight, what?

I’ve decided to try something new…actually caring about my appearance.  As any other college student, I’ve eaten way too much Jimmy Johns, Chipotle, and late night pizza.  Not to mention the daily Starbucks or Dunkin walking to class.  This is not to say that I don’t care about how I look, but self-care has definitely taken a back seat to everything else in my life.  If you have ever struggled with this, you understand how tough balancing life, school, and your health can be.  I’m totally guilty of putting other things first, but if you take care of yourself, you will perform better everywhere else!

That’s why this April i’m competing with friends and family (and you!) to lose the highest percentage of body weight.  That’s right, Biggest Loser style.  I’m also going to try to work on self-care: actually doing my hair every day, putting on makeup, and not looking like i just rolled out of bed.  The yoga pants though? Those are here to stay.  Maybe I will try to do actual yoga in them because “that’s what they were made for”…ha…right.

The plan:

Lose weight, take care of myself, put my needs first, and win!  But really, it is nice to have something to hold myself accountable to.  The real plan is to not give up like I have other times. To keep this commitment I have made to myself.  I have already started gathering some tools!

What I am using:

weight-loss-2036966_960_720Poundaweek – Calorie Counter

This app has been amazing so far. It lets you scan the bar code of an item and will automatically enter calories, carbs, and whatever else you want in there.  It also
keeps track of your weight in a line graph, so you can see how you are doing instead of just looking at the numbers.  Obviously you can keep track of your exercise by entering in your activity, duration, and the calories burned For someone who only wants the basics, this is definitely the app for you.  For someone who wants more advanced features, you can create an account to compete with you friends, unlock achievements, and even connect it to Google Fit!  Download it for free on Google Play.


downloadYoga With Adriene

I cannot explain how much I love this woman.  I first started her videos last summer in my latest “Get Healthy Kick”.  This is the only thing about getting healthy that I truly enjoyed and looked forward to on a daily basis.  As a first time yogi, I was able to learn the poses by using her Yoga for Beginners videos.  When I felt like I had a handle on that, I was able to move on to other videos and even did some 30 day challenges!  She is definitely different from other yoga instructors.  She is funny and quirky, which made me feel like I knew her personally right away.  Her yoga for heartbreak even helped me through the break up with my long term boyfriend.  And her dog even makes the occasional appearance.  After starting grad school, I gave up on my regular practice and only did yoga when I was really stressed.  I really want to practice regularly again because it was so calming and made me feel strong and empowered!  Best part about her videos is that all of them are absolutely free!  You dont even need a yoga mat.  For any of you cheapskates (like me), this is a no cost workout that you can do from your own home (she even has some yoga videos to do in bed!)

Couch to 5k – Cool Running


My last 5k – Strides for Hope Walk/Run

I have used this program before, and it is great.  Again, I got too busy and decided to give up on it.  I absolutely love running, and am super jealous every time I see someone post a running pic.  Why be jealous though? I can get back into running and run my own 5ks!  This program is available as a pdf or an app and again is absolutely free!  This is a safe way to begin training and get your body used to running before increasing the mileage.

So now what?

I will keep you guys up to date with how this is going! As always, leave comments or feel free to contact me.

♥ Taylyn


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