Day 1: Lord please beer me strength

What did I get myself into…

So Day 1 of my April challenge is almost over. I actually did eat well today which is really great…well for my body. Emotionally I am a bit hangry. Could have to do with watching Cupcake Wars while pretending I was super excited about my quinoa.  Could be because ive been studying for hours with no snacks. But I survived. Maybe eventually I could be one of those girls who happily munches on carrots and refuses to drink pop because it’s bad for her. Rare, but I swear they exist…like healthy unicorns.

So how’s working out going?

Non existant. I have a huge test on Tuesday and am devoting every waking moment to studying…besides right now. And technically I’m waiting for my 41 page practice test to print so I am totally counting it. But I’m still excited to start running and yoga…ing. Figure it is good to not take on too much at once because that’s how all of us fail at our new year resolutions anyway.

But….you got dressed like an adult today right?

Ha ha nope. I stayed in pajamas all day and didn’t do my hair, but that’s what hats are for right? It’s spring break and

20170331_230138I’m in my study room (aka prison) so who is going to see me anyway? And I have Dr Seuss pj’s and penguin slippers which are cute and comfy…who would want to wear anything else?

On a more serious note…

I’m realizing that getting your shit together takes time. Being proud of the little things (like not constantly snacking) is a good start. This is a lifestyle change, so even if I don’t win for the month, I am taking a good step.

giphy (2)

As always please comment and let me know what you’re thinking!


And thanks to the awesome quote for my title from The Office! You can find episodes here!


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