Day 3: who starts a diet before a big test?

…me. possibly I’m a glutton for punishment. Probably have been doing 20170402_221154the most ineffective studying known to man.  I spent a lot of time, but do I know things…*shrugs shoulders*. That’s tomorrow’s problem now. I’m calling it a night having studied since 8 and being throughly covered in highlighter. I even attached a picture of my study materials to show you the insane amount I need to know! Only 2 more days until it’s over with.

Enough about grad school and studying…

So even though studying has not been going well, dieting isn’t too bad. I mean…I still want to snack while I’m studying, watching tv, bored, emotional whatever, but I have a little more constraint now. I have been eating between 1200 and 1400 calories a day which isn’t bad considering my lifestyle right now is rather sedentary.

Working out still hasn’t been going…at all. Im honestly just so overwhelmed with other things that starting a running plan (esp the week before going n a trip) seems like too much.  And I hurt my knee today. I live on a farm so you would think I had done it walking through mud or chasing geese or something. Nope. I napped. Literally I took a nap, woke up, and my knee was hurting. Can you tweak your knee in your sleep? Fuck that. If I am still sore tomorrow I’m telling people a way better story than that. Or at least a less embarassing one.

But lets be honest…

Getting my shit together has never been a strong suit of mine. For school, sure…I’m great at keeping my life together when it comes to something with a deadline. Daily life…the things without life altering deadlines. That’s my downfall. Example a: I still have a Christmas moose up. Sure it’s cute, but if something says “merry Christmas” on it, April is probably too late to have it up…(or early for next year).  Well…here’s too figuring out life and learning to adult one step at a time.

As always, leave comments and follow to take the journey with me.

♡ Taylyn


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