Day 4: I’m terrible at this

Luckily this isnt a diet blog because I am terrible at it. And staying on topic.

Why is nothing changing?

So I’ve been working on my diet for over a week (with the challenge only starting a few days ago) and I haven’t lost weight. I know results don’t come fast, but I am not a patient person. If I saw the numbers even move a little I would be happy. Or if I saw a change in how clothes fit at all.  What really rubbed me the wrong way about this was my fitness app. I have been staying between 1200 and 1300 calories a day which I think is an acceptable amount. Because I didn’t lose any weight in my first week it suggested a new calorie limit: 900 calories.  Really? How is it okay to ever suggest that, like why is that low even in the program? For someone who didn’t know better, they may follow that suggestion. I honestly feel that suggestions like that are how someone develops and eating disorder. That just rubbed me the wrong way…

Now that I got that off my chest…

Still haven’t done any working out. I think part of it is that I’m nervous to get started. I had stress fractures before, and my shins still hurt when I walk too fast or for a long time. What if that comes back and I need to stop again? running-573762__480And tbh I hate starting over. I’ve done couch to 5k about 700 times. Those first few days are killer mentally. And every time I start, I promise myself I won’t stop so I don’t have to start over. I feel like I need some crazy huge change to be able to stick with it, but I don’t quite know what I’m looking for. Maybe like a sign from God?

I have a trip coming up this week, and I’m actually volunteering for a 5k at it. I’m hoping that will play into my desire to get good at running again and I’ll get my ass in gear.

Huge test is tomorrow, so after that (and when I get back from my trip) I’ll hopefully be feeling less stressed and more ready to take on this challenge!

Final note

Just wanted to give a huge thank you to my followers, the people who like my post, and those who comment. You guys are amazing and definitely help keep me accountable to trying to get healthy! Lots of love for you guys ♡



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