Days 6 & 7: Naping in Naptown

First off, sorry I missed my post yesterday! I’ll explain why in a few

Napa? Love it. Huge, but safe and super cute. Somehow still has a small town vibe about it while being a big city. Definately worth the trip.

The convention has been amazing. Learning so much (and getting a crazy amount of free stuff!). In the two days I have been here, I haven’t bought any food. All yesterday they had free lunches, snacks, mixers etc. There was even a mixer with all you can eat pizza and all you can drink (wine because we are classy as hell). Then last night, there was a party where you got a Moscow mule as you walked in and vouchers for 2 free drinks. I was there until like 10:30 because I had to be up early this morning (aka I’m responsible af).

So this morning I had to be up at 4. Yep, am. I too was suprised there are two 4’oclocks in one day. I volunteered for a 5k and stood outside for 2 hours in 30 degree weather with lots of wind. I have never sprinted faster than when they said we could go back to the hotel.

Not sure about plans for tonight, but it has definately been an experience so far! 2 more days until back to reality.

And as far as weight loss is doing, it is super hard to count calories when you don’t know what you’re eating. But, I got a giant candy bar and haven’t eaten it yet, so I’m going to call that a win!



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