Days 8, 9, & 10: Back to the real world

I think I have napped more in the past three days than I ever have in my entire life.  Hopefully this is the beginning to getting back on track with dieting, sleeping, and general adulting.

The night of the last post was eventful. I ended up going out to another party (free long islands). The husband of one of the ladies there was super rude. Pretty much had to stop my friend from getting in a fight with him. He made all sorts of comments about how people like us were lazy and made him want to get into politics to take away scholarships. 

Um..excuse me but I am in a program to be a doctorate and you are talking about how I’m lazy? Cute. 

His wife kept saying how he had a “playful soul”. Doesn’t feel so playful when he keeps getting in you and your friend’s faces asking “want to play a game?”

To say the least, it was really odd. Definately put a damper on an otherwise awesome evening. The next day I was so tired that I went to two talks and then back to the hotel to nap. I finally got some alone time which really rejuvenated me. I like people, but sometimes I need me time, you know?  That night my friend and I went out to noodles and company. It was the only time in the four days I was there that I paid for any food or drinks ( I’m literally so proud of that).

Yesterday, we drove home. After stopping at warm glow (tradition because it is a freaking giant candle), the trip really felt over. My poor friend got a private concert of me singing to carrie underwood and Miranda lambert for the next few hours until we got home.

Today I wrote a paper (literally bullshited the entire thing) and studied for a test ( not feeling too well about this one). Also napped and watched golf (yay Sergio!)

Promise I’ll get back to posting daily! Thanks for staying tuned! 



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