Day 11: Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel

….but for all I know it could be a train headed my direction.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me these past few days. Been rough with being on vacation and having the last of my midterms tomorrow. Not feeling too great but tbh it is what it is.

I’m really ready for a bit of a break. Whenever I get stressed I abandon everything but school…friends, eating legs-434918__480healthy, getting put together even a little bit…everything.  hopefully this will give me a good opportunity to reset and rest up a bit before finals.

Today is a good day to try to get myself back in gear. It would have been my aunts 58th birthday today. Over 5 years ago she passed away from ovarian cancer. That’s the reason I started being a pescatarian; it greatly reduces the risk food-715539__480of cancer. But not eating meat while still binging on terrible foods won’t do me any good. I need to remember to do everything that I can to get and then stay healthy.

That’s all I have for today because studying has turned my brain into mush. I promise I’ll get back on track after this last test is over.

Thanks for the follows, likes, comments, and motivation

♡ Taylyn


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