Day 12: Is ranting healthy?

If so, I’m going to live forever.

In general, I would say I’m a people person, but today was one of those days where everyone and everything got on my nerves. 

A girl in my class missed a huge test we took last tuesday. It was super difficult and the average was about an 84. So instead of sucking it up and taking the test, she decides to wait until tomorrow, over a week from when everyone else took it, and ask everyone for the answers. And some people were giving them to her! Like if you have to take the test later I will tell you general things like “it was hard” or “focus on this topic” but not “one of the questions was this and here is the answer “. 

So another annoying thing was people taking my study materials. I spent hours making it and people last time stole it and wouldn’t give it back. I’m as nice as the next person, but that’s absurd. Especially when they did better than me because of it. So today I already saw it coming and wasn’t letting anyone use it. The second I sit down they start asking to have it. Um…no. like it is different if we are good friends outside of the class but literally you try to become my best friend just so you can use my stuff.

Grad assistant ships have also been coming out. One of my good friends got one, so even though I didn’t I was super happy for her. She has been working really hard and I’m proud. On the other hand, another girl was like “why did you get one and I didnt?” Like what do you expect her to do? Quit so you can have it? 

What happened to people just being happy for other people? Why can’t we be friends with someone or celebrate for someone’s success without wanting someone in return?

My dating life has also been crap. Went on a date with a guy months ago and been waiting to go on another one. He just claims he is “way too busy ” but he just posted a picture in instagram of him at a home opener with another girl. Like tell me if you don’t like me. I’m a grown ass adult. Don’t keep saying you do and you’ll go on more dates with me…not sure if I just stop talking to him or what.

Clearly did a lot of stress snacking today.

On a brighter note, got my neuro test back and got an a on it. Pretty happy about that one.

Thanks for the emotional support guys. You’re the bomb diggity



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