Days 13-16: Blogging one handed

Sorry i’ve been mia…

I was sick a few days ago and my mom made me tea.  I promptly leaned over and spilt it all over my hand.  Hello second degree burns.  I’ve been avoiding typing since i need both hands, but enough is enough.  So i’m typing this one handed (this is taking forever).

So this week has been rather uneventful.  Mostly just favoring one hand and eating pity cool whip (at least i’m not eating ice cream?)

Not really talking to that guy I liked before… 

He kind of led me on for months, which i didnt say anything about until he started posted pictures on instagram of him and another girl.  Like i dont have a lot of self confidence but I can at least call it a day when that happens.  So now back to looking for guys.  I’m honestly terrible at this.  I’ll keep you guys updated on that one.

I’ve actually been doing well with my weight loss

I’ve lost 7 pounds since the beginning of this.  I did start at my highest weight of all time, but i still think this is something to celebrate. weight-loss-2036966_960_720 I’ve been bribing myself with Pura Vida bracelets, but now i’m looking at different types of bracelets to buy too.  I really love bracelets that give money back to a cause, but the Pura Vida bracelets are expensive and I can make my own version.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

I also did my nails

I did the acrylic with forms.  I am completely terrible at it.  Let me tell you, watching videos and buying your own supplies does not mean you can do it download1yourself.  I think I filed them down from talon length to something normal.  It is fun though to do yourself.  $16 to buy the entire pack, while getting am acrylic manicure is at least twice that expensive.


…for sticking with me.  I have lots of love for my followers and the people who like my posts.  And thats why i’ve sat here for so long typing one handed.  If I can give back a portion of what you guys have given to me, this would all be worth it.  Thank you.

❤ Taylyn


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