Day 17: Movies and Blue Hair

First of all, happy easter!  

My easter involved some of my extended family coming over.  It always exhausts me, but it is nice to spend time with them.  I literally ate so much food.  I had salmon and lobster with rolls and baked potatoes.  Delicious but Hello carbs.

So yesterday I went on a date with another guy…. 

It was super awkward.  He clearly really liked me but honestly I have no interest.  You just kind of know when it clicks…and it didnt.  I went out to dinner with him and he wouldnt really let me get a word in.  And he talked forever…like i talk a lot but i usually try images (1)to ask questions about other people.  He did not.  Then we went to a movie and he talked through the entire thing.  Like i picked a movie that I thought could be interesting…but I have no idea what happened now.  Which is beyond frusterating.  Was there anything super wrong with him? No.  That makes it even worse.  I cant explain why specifically he annoyed me so much, but he did.

I kind of hate going on dates though.  I dated a guy for 3 years, so I miss that when I do.  I’ve been a bit in a slump with it.  I just want to meet a guy who I could have something real with, which I havent yet.  But heres to better things I suppose.

I guess I’ve been feeling a little…

…confined lately.  I decided I want to do something kind of crazy: dye a streak of my hair imagesblue.  Heres the thing though, I’m in grad school for a professional field…and in the summer I need to start going to clinic and seeing patients.  Is there a way that I could hide it?  Or maybe they wouldnt care?  Its one of those things that I always wanted to do but havent had the nerve too.  I have pretty dark brown hair (like almost black), so I figure that if I dye it a super dark blue that I could get away with it…maybe. I’m trying to do things to make me happy, which is kind of new to me.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday and that your monday wont be too miserable.

❤ Taylyn


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