Day 18: I did nothing today

…and it was amazing.  Well, nothing school or work related.

I watched netflix, napped, went shoe shopping, and found a “solution ” to my hair problem. Bought some hair chalk. Makes my parents happy  (which is important since I’m living with them) and me semi happy. Still get my hair streak and don’t get disowned.

But it kind of sucks being an adult. I’m getting to the stage where I can’t do these fun things anymore. And I missed my teenage rebellion stage. So am I just out of luck?

Please explain to me why having a colored streak in my hair would make me a less competent clinician. I would still be in a doctoral program. I would still be getting good grades. But all of a sudden I am not professional or looked upon as less competent. I seriously don’t get it.

Now if I was trying to be a doctor and I had the phrase “I am a murderer” tattooed on my forehead I could see why a patient could be concerned. Someone who is taking care of their health has a statement that shows they could be in harms way. But a blue streak in my hair? Ugh.

That’s why I kind of wish I had a different profession. Well in the sense that we didn’t have to be so….preppy. maybe eventually the world will change its mind.

This turned into a rant again but thanks for sticking with me. Please let me know if you feel the same way or get what I’m talking about 



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