Day 19 & 20 : Not today

The past few days have been that type of day. Been super in a funk lately. Some of it probably has to do with the dating stuff. 

Like I want to date someone, but what if I only want that to date someone and not for the person I’m with? But then every time something doesn’t work out with someone I really like I’ve been super bummed. So maybe I have had feelings for guys? 

I’m in the stage where all of my friends are doing adult shit and I’m super jealous. Being in grad school seriously means I can’t buy a house or get married or have kids etc. Do I want to? Not now, but it still sucks that I don’t have the option.

Sorry for another short post. Just feel…tight in my chest. Anxious maybe? Sometimes I get overwhelmed with feeling alone or not wanted. Takes about 20 episodes of the office and a day or two to get out of my system.  Thanks for always sticking by me.



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