Day 22, 23, & 24: Unpopular Opinions

So where have I been the last few days? Long story short…sleeping.

Allergy season hit me with no mercy. I’ve been sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and yeezus (wait…that’s not right). First of all, it is hell. I am allergic to pine, grass, and outside in general. Second, when you feel like shit you look like shit. In my case, swollen, red, itchy, and gross. Clearly my dating life is going swimmingly

The other reason I’ve been mia is that my dog has been sick. Not eating not drinking not sleeping sick. He’s finally eating again which is great, but that’s after staying up for 3 days (with like 4 hours of sleep total) tying to bribe him to eat and drink with ham (and ham juice which is apparently yummy?)

So thanks as always for sticking with me. Clearly I’m falling apart a bit, but I’m sure I’ll be in tip top shape here soon!

So to my post today. I have a lot of unpopular opinions. Ones I can’t say out loud  (especially surrounded by sorority girls). So here we go…

  1. The unicorn drink at Starbucks is dumb af. Okay, hear me out. I’m an ex sorority girl and get that we love pink and unicorns and sparkles, but this is too far. How many girls hands are going to be stained pink before it stops? Why do girls by stupid shit because you but a brand label on it? Personally, I like to go across the street, get my large iced coffee with cream and carmel from dunkin for $2.59 (which pro tip, pour half into another cup and you have 2 days of coffee), and laugh at the pink handed girls taking pictures with their “coffee”. Dunkin, always
  2. Granny panties rule. As much as I love feeling pretty, a piece of Floss up my butt doesn’t do it. Or super itchy lace. Why can’t I be comfy? Jokes on you, I am. Why can’t I have panty lines? Is this one of those girl things we all agreed on like that girls don’t poop or fart? Where was I during this discussion?
  3. I like the kardashians. Like okay, they are extravagant and use the word Bible way too much, but they are funny as hell. If you don’t want to be friends with Kourtney, then you are just lying to yourself. And they genuinely love eachother. Like not just tv “omg guys we are sooooooo close and happy!” but like legit close. I’m willing to agree that Kanye is not my favorite, but doesn’t everyone dream of a relationship like how kanye loves kanye?
  4. Leggings are pants. Like excuse me, if dudes can call their cutoffs with 99% of their Chest hanging out “shirts” I can call leggings “pants”.

    Please feel free to add your unpopular opinions in the comments! 



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